Agil Babayev

AGRONET - Unified Electronic and Mobile Warehouse

Detailed explanation of the purpose of the project

The main strategic goal of the project is to expand the sale of products of small and medium enterprises operating in the manufacturing and agricultural sectors in the country in the domestic and foreign markets, to provide access to foreign markets, to introduce and expand e-commerce in this area.
The main objectives of the project:
• To create the first “AGRONET” Electronic and Mobile Warehouse in Azerbaijan during 2022-2023 and to achieve sustainable development in the following years;
• Involve about 300 local manufacturing companies (agricultural products, food products, confectionery, etc.) and more than 1,000 entrepreneurs and farms in e-commerce and mobile trade (locally and internationally) in Azerbaijan in 2023-2026;
• To support the export (export) and sale of products of about 1,000 local entrepreneurs, farmers and small producers engaged in production and agriculture in the local market for 2025-2026 (including extensive information on their products in Asia, Europe, Placement and feedback in B2B Marketplaces operating in the US and CIS countries).

Description of the purpose of the project:

We believe that an electronic and mobile system should be created in the B2B market of Azerbaijan to meet modern technological requirements, have special capabilities and advantages, and sell products of local producers and farmers more quickly and efficiently in the local and foreign markets. Through the electronic and mobile system, hundreds of companies, thousands of entrepreneurs and farmers will be able to sell and promote their products in local and foreign markets.

“AGRONET” Unified Electronic and Mobile Warehouse

We understand that the most important thing for every producer and farmer is to quickly and easily sell their products in a sustainable and efficient manner. E-commerce and mobile commerce provide ample opportunities for this. For this purpose, we plan to create the first “AGRONET” Electronic and Mobile Warehouse in Azerbaijan. Every entrepreneur and farmer, producer company and firm will be able to register and sell their products at wholesale prices in the local and foreign markets through the AGRONET" Electronic and Mobile Warehousing System. The products of local and foreign manufacturers and trade companies, distributors and representative offices operating in Azerbaijan will also be placed and constantly updated in the “AGRONET” Electronic and Mobile Warehouse. Product supply issues will be electronic and accelerated, and will be widely used in information technology. The products will be delivered directly to the address of the local and foreign company, entrepreneur, store that ordered the product. For this purpose, special agencies will be established, specialists will be involved, and cooperation with local and foreign logistics, transport and customs brokerage companies will be established."